Ground Based Module Mounting Structure


Pre-engineered metal buildings are structures that factory built and shipped to the site and bolted together. They are made of steel. These buildings follow the concept of design and build. They are designed by the contractor themselves. These structures are best suited for industrial warehouses and buildings as they have less cost and can be erected faster. They have an added advantage of being movable. One can easily dismantle these structures and move them from one place to another. These types of structures are also called as metal boxes or tin sheds. Read more to know more about these prefab buildings and make the right choice.

Steel structure building is a building that is made of steel framework. This framework supports all types of loads. In these structures columns, girders, and beams are made of steel structures.  Due to the flexibility of these structures they can easily withstand dynamic forces like wind and earthquakes.

Structural steel has high strength and stiffness. Thus these structures are non-shrinking and have more accurate detailing. Steel has certain advantages when used in buildings. In buildings, they can provide higher adaptability, ductility and durability. They are cost effective. They are energy efficient and recyclable.

A steel building design can be used in a lot of application. Some of the prime application areas are high rise buildings. In high rise buildings steel structure is used mainly for its strength, speed of construction and its light weight. Industrial buildings also make use of this structure and design mainly for their ability to create large span areas at less cost. Residential buildings also use these structures as a technique called light gauge steel construction and it is also similar to wooden frame structures. Temporary structures also prefer these structures as they have lightweight and are easy to install and remove.

PEB structures are basically structures made of steel. They are built over a structural concept of Primary framing, Secondary framing, and roofing system. The Primary framing consists of elements of the structure which are used to transfer the load to the foundation. Secondary framing comprises of elements that support the roof and walls. These structures are in high demand as they require very less time for installation. These systems are made of standardized interchangeable parts which are made easily available for replacement. The on-site labor cost is also reduced as these structures are partially fabricated thus reducing the on-site workload. These structures are durable to withstand all types of weather conditions and also require less maintenance as compared to traditional structures. Another myth associated with these structures is that there is no room for customization. These days, suppliers provide customized solutions to their customer as per their requirements.

Conclusion: Thus the prefab metal structure is easily available with a lot of manufacturers and suppliers in the market. These structures also come with an added warranty which makes them the first choice for any type of structure related demands.


Growing Popularity of Porta Office Cabins and Prefab Solar Modules

Ground Based Module Mounting Structure

With changing times in India comes new advancement in engineering and technology. The influence of globalization has not only brought a significant socio-cultural reform but also a change in the work culture of India. One of the greatest examples of such reformation in work culture can be seen through the growing popularity of portable office cabins and energy efficient solar modules.

What are Portable Site Cabins?

There are quite a few jobs in India which demand the presence of supervisors and employees on the site of work. People with such jobs may need to stay at odd places near the site, away from the main office, for an entire week or maybe longer to complete certain projects. Portable site office cabin could provide shelter to such employees during their onsite projects. These cabins are made up of pre-built building panels which can be easily assembled and erected.

Features of Porta Cabins

Portable office cabins are made up of light steel structures which constitute of insulated door panels, large viewing glass and other high-end facilities including air conditioner, smoke detector, and fire extinguishing equipments. Site office design has been fabricated with dry construction and high quality of insulation to ensure a high level of comfort even at extreme situations. Portable office cabins are, therefore, highly energy efficient and easy to relocate.

Importance of Solar Energy in India

Considering the current condition of non-renewable resources, India has also shown significant advancement in the use of solar energy for greater purposes. Solar manufacturers in India have generated about 1000MW of power in the previous year, 2017, and expected to produce 80,000MW of power in the coming 2yrs, by 2020.The growing utilization of solar energy in recent times has placed Indian solar industry among one of the leading producers in the world.


Top Companies in Solar Industry of India

Use of renewable resources in India can solve the major power related issues in the country. Some of the top solar companies in India that came forward to promote the manufacture of solar panels are:

  • Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd. – It is the largest solar company in India that has laid the stepping stone of this huge industry. One of the main aims of this company is to produce electricity for people without leaving behind the slightest of carbon residual.
  • EMMVEE – It is yet another fast developing solar company in India which has produced solar-powered heaters for heating water and photovoltaic cells.
  • Moser Baer Solar Ltd. – The company is well known for its worldwide It is the chief driving force behind the installation of solar panels over the rooftop of residential houses in Kerala.


In recent times, usage of solar power has become commonplace with the help of hundreds of reputed manufacturers, coming forward to produce solar mounting structure. Being low cost, power efficient and clean sustainable source of energy, prefab solar module mounting can be seen as one of the most effective energy solutions for the next generation of India. On the other hand, prefabricated portable cabins could be the next generation definition for comfort and convenience.

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