Portable security cabins

Porta Cabin In Gujarat

portable security cabins

One of the most sought out technologies which could stabilise issues like global warming and bring about potential changes in climate is the solar power. All the major nations are having progressive thoughts about adopting this technology which is cost effective and environment-friendly. The solar brochure attempts to highlight the usefulness of solar power, the manufacturers involved in the solar panel and the price ranges.

Although at a very early stage the government of India is looking forward to developing the solar sector on a large scale. The Government of India has undertaken several initiatives and measures to promote the growth of solar industries in India which has resulted in the development of the photovoltaic sector globally.

Advantages  of Solar power

Many companies have come forward with effective business plans to utilise abundant renewable energy into inexpensive solar energy. The usage of solar energy will bring down the utility bills. Solar energy is non-polluting, harmless and odourless making it the most advantageous source of energy of this age. The solar brochure highlights the effectiveness and affordability of solar power in the coming generations.


I beam Manufacturers

I beams unlike H beams are tapered and are used as the best shape for structural steels as they are stronger and highly functional. Some of the major I beam manufacturers in India are the Ms Joist beam, Mild steel Beam, Steel Column Beam, Ms beams etc.

Core Products of I Beam manufacturers

  • Mild Steel Channels –These manufacturers of I Beam supplies generator frames, factory sheds, agricultural equipment and mechanised parking system etc.
  • RSJ Poles- I Beam manufacturers supplies RSJ Poles of the measuring 116 x 100 STD to 175 x 85 mm in size. They could weigh anything between 6.00 kgs to 11.30kgs.
  • Mild steel Round Bars, Mild Steel Serrated Flats, Mild Steel Flat Bars are other products by I Beam manufacturers.


Lightweight concrete slab panel


Lightweight concrete slab panels produced mainly of clay or slate material are manufactured in a factory controlled environment. These slab panels are widely in use not only because waterproof, moisture proof and heat insulated but it is also a fact that they are lightweight.


Why use lightweight concrete slab panel?


  • Lightweight concrete slab panels are affordable in price.
  • These slab panels are heat insulated.
  • They are fireproof.




Self-supporting tower price in India


Many Indian manufacturers engaged in selling Self-supporting towers in India at a price which ranges from Rs. 2,200/ meter for a wireless internet tower to  RS 7 lakh per piece of the self-supporting tower that act as cantilever trusses for carrying wind and seismic loads.




Portable security cabins


Multiple Indian manufacturers are engaged in producing quality portable security cabins at affordable prices and superior quality. Mild steel plates and Galvanized iron, plates of either rectangular or square shape are used to manufacture the best quality portable security cabins. Other materials such as waterproof plywood, windows with aluminium frames are also used to make world class portable security cabins. These could cost anywhere between Rs 600 per sq ft to Rs 15000 per piece.


Solar panel mounting structure manufacturer in Bangalore


  • KR Power Supports is the manufacturer of stainless steel solar panel mounting structure with wind resistance of 45m/s. The price ranges from Rs 5,500 /piece.
  • Shree Umiya Steel Metal is a leading manufacturing company who deals with the production of solar panel mounting structure. They use SS frame material made of steel.
  • Hakke Industries from Bengaluru is another noted company name engaged in the manufacture of solar panel mounting structures. They produce C shaped channels and use MS, GI and HDGI frame materials