sandwich panels

sandwich panels

Concrete Housing Flourishes: The Demand for Light Weight Panels and Prefab Housing Structures

 sandwich panels

India is a developing land. Given the constant urbanization, the demand for lightweight concrete panels among other things has reached a new high. Not to mention the various governmental schemes dedicated to empowering the rural elements of the country.

Against this backdrop, it is essential to keep in mind that the country is currently plodding through a colossal housing crisis. Affordable and upgraded precast concrete technology is one of the quintessential methods or ways to combat the problem.

What are the challenges?

Apart from that, it is equally significant to underscore the various challenges faced by the otherwise promising industry. For instance, the scarcity of standardization, lack of technological facilities, contractual and taxation issues, among many other things, has hampered the growth of the industry.

Therefore, it is imperative to bring to the fore adequate governmental incentives and promotions to boost the cogs of the industry. Given the ever rising need for housing structures, it is essential to note that the housing sector is the second largest employment generator in the country. Also, it contributes to around six per cent to the country’s GDP.

The demand for sandwich panel manufacturers is considerable. Generally speaking, the panel is constructed using the topmost primary material aided by advanced, state of the art technology. Specifically, sandwich panels come supported with insulation between different sheets comprising primarily of mineral wool to corroborate considerable savings on heating.

Can the Prefab house structure be a solution provider?

Apart from prefab security cabins, PUF panels and sandwich PUF panels, the economic and industrial swathes of the country have emerged as some of the elementary loci for prefab house structures. Against the backdrop of discussing prefab house cost in India, it is important to note that although India is one of the most populous countries in the world, more than half of its population lives without shelter.

However, in spite of the importance already attached to concrete housing structures, it is utterly significant to note that it has caused considerable damage to river sand in many regions of the country. As a result, it has directly affected the cost ratios.

For instance, the cost of river sand is over Rs. 10000 per cubic meter today, compared to just a couple of hundred rupees in the past decades.

Coming to sandwich panel walls, the cost, generally speaking, is around Rs. 90 per square feet. The price may rise to Rs. 150 per square feet also depending upon various factors. However, it is important to note that sandwich panels are advantageous in many ways.

For instance, sandwich panels are cheaper. The transportation cost of such panels for the delivery of a square meter is fifty times less expensive than the delivery of bricks and concretes. Also, the panels do not make the use of heavyweight tools mandatory. Lightweight indulgence is adequate.